Lesson learned from the Perak political fiasco

If you could learn anything from the recent political fiasco in Perak, defection or crossover is wrong. No matter which side you are, the implications will be huge and it will always be negative. Imagine if 16 September 2008 actually happen. You think UMNO supporters will sit quietly and let it be without responding? No, there will be public unrest and demonstrations just like what you see in Perak yesterday. Worst still, UMNO might even declare a state of Emergency and marshall law will take over.

While I must admit that I was once all for Pakatan Rakyat ruling the country and I dreamed of 16 September to happen, I forgot one thing. And Anwar seemed to miss this too. Defections, it works both way. He can entice BN politician to cross over to his side so does BN, vice versa. You can argue that Anwar didn't dangle 50 million in front of the potential defectors nor did his threatened them by force. But knowing BN and UMNO especially, they'd do anything to cling on to power. The end justifies the mean and nothing else matters. The crux of the matter is Anwar failed and UMNO with it's near unlimited resources succeeded. End of story.

As much as I hate to admit this, Karpal Singh has been right all along. Defections is wrong. There's no two way about it. The best way to change any government is through the ballot boxes. Now I'm all for this anti-hopping law. Politicians just cannot be trusted.

My advice to Pakatan Rakyat leaders in Perak or anywhere, just let it go and move along. You can protest and resist until the cows come home. You can drag His Highness to court and even win your case. But at the end of the day, you'll going to need His Majesty's blessing to form a government whether state or national. Do you guys really want to continue doing this and incur the wrath of the Ruler? Calm down and get your acts together. If you really want to take back Perak, do it properly and peacefully through the State Assembly. Ask for a vote of no confidence against the BN government and get 3 or more ADUN to support you. That would be a more civilized way to do it and what's more you'll get a much better chance to get the Sultan's nod. All those demonstration and protest will get you nowhere. You will not get back Perak or the Ruler's approval by civil unrest. Yes we all know UMNO are crooks and evil and they play dirty but do you want to stoop to their level as well? Surely you guys are better than that?


  1. You know, I think this is the most sensible piece of writing about Perak I've read. Kudos to you for realising that defection can occurs both ways.

    Isn't that what democracy is all about?

  2. Defection is wrong, I truly agree with you with my heart and soul. But there's one point that we could hardly argue. Are those BN MPs who won their seats, really won in the rightful way? We all know that BN plays a lot of tricks in every GE and if not for that I think PR has taken over maybe at least half of the states in Malaysia.

    The party that play it the dirty way is always BN but because they are in charged and particular control all and every MSM, they have misleaded the rigthful rakyat!

  3. Sir,

    There is difference between defection and abduction. There is difference between voluntary resignation and criminal blackmail. There is difference between hostages and free people. That said, DSAI had to manipulate BN on the 916 scenario for him to save PR states otherwise Perak and may one or two others would have fallen way back. But now, none will fall again and PR is alert. Remember, Najib met some PKR Perak officials 2 days after Perak's fall, even before the PR leadership agreed on who should be the MB and promised them 50 million if they bring some PR reps. Who started? As you can see, Najib started way back and PR was forced to shift the goalposts. Anyway, I personally see good through this fiasco and PR will win in the long run.

  4. If defection is wrong, why it is not in the law? Why BN did not put it down in the law in Malaysia during the 50 year period? You guys want to talk about the wrongs of defecting but it is not in the law. Talk all you want la. Defectors should be given death sentence! That will put away all these loop holes in the law and avoid further manipulation and atrocities!

  5. Because BN set the precedence when they claim power via party hopping from PBS a long time ago in Sabah. It is the only way they know how and will continue to do this in order to secure power. Do you think that BN would agree agree to Anti Hopping Law when THEY in BN needs these as a way/option to regain control. Aren't BN holding the majority in Parliment? So screw Anti Hopping Law. Pakatan should continue to win the hearts of the people in a moral and just manner. If they don't they are just as screwed up as BN and all is lost in Malaysia...

  6. You know what, based on my recent understanding (with my recent company listing enquiry) UMNO basically have a bunch of super rich businessman who are backing them financially, and in return UMNO and BN must make sure controlling the country and giving them the project to this businessman. Until now, I am still in confusing who is really controlling the country. These so call businessman is a group of ppl who might be from the 'white biz' to the 'black biz' or they are involved in both of them. With this kind of development I really hope all of the Malaysian open their eyes wide, don't think about ketuanan melayu, ketuanan cina or ketuanan india anymore, the loser is still the Malaysian and the benefit one is those crooks in the UMNO and the powerful super rich biz man.

  7. The big diff between Najib's coup n Anwar 916 plan is is that one,despite goin through the backdoor,adheres 2 the Constitution n democratic principles while the other trumps on it

    Anwar did not revealed the MPs crossin over in a press conference.Instead,he asked 4 special parliament session 2 push 4 a motion of no confidence vote 2 oust BN.Those same MPs can reveal themselves at this session.he even called 4 snap polls but that did not happened

    B4 seeking audience wit the King 2 reveal that he has the numbers,signed consent n all,he first asked 4 a meetin with Pak Lah 2 get his assurance 4 a smooth transition of power

    4 those who thought 916 is a downright lie,explain 2 me y BN send 40 of its MPs 4 a "edu trip" 2 Taiwan.Even my 6 year old sister can tell they r runnin scared

    When Tajol Rosli claims he would take back Perak by August 31st last year,we didn't see Nizar goin into panic mode by sendin off Pakatan ADUNs somewhere
    Who's the big liar now?

    What Najib did was mockery of democracy,denying the people's right 2 elect the government they want
    Anwar has expicitly stated that he'll call 4 fresh elections a year or less should 916 is a success.Only then,the rakyat can show Anwar whether they agree or disagree wit crossovers

    The only flaw Anwar made was choosin a bunch of imcompetent bastards(Jamaluddin n Osman)2 contest in the last election

  8. A very fair and apt opinion piece. Its time to re-group & re-strategize. Now looking back, I'm actually happy this incident has occured.

    You'll learn more from losing than from winning.

    This incident has proved that...
    1) PAS candidates are made of stenner stuff.
    2) PKR really needs to clean house. Their mentality is still umno.
    3) DAP... yes even your most ardent loyalist can turn traitor.

    And most important of all, be 110% sure that the sultan is with you.

  9. People keep saying politics is dirty - but they just can't look away! So long as humans have not deprogrammed themselves from the hardwired need to follow leaders & be governed by External Authority like kids, politics will continue to dominate our reality - just as economics still makes the world go round (or, rather, forces people to stay on the treadmill of cari makan). Until that glorious moment when enough of us are free of the psychological need for parental/authority figures (even the need to believe in a Supreme Being or Ascended Masters), we shall have to be discerning who we endorse as our political icons. They are not all the same. Some, like the Umno fatcats, will always be greedy opportunists who subscribe to Ketuanan Duit in the name of reactionary & divisive ethnocentric politics. They are evolutionary retards & a complete write-off. Some, like DAP leaders LKS, Karpal, LGE, Ronnie Liu, Teresa Kok, et alia, have proven track records of being straightforward & principled. Others, like Tok Guru Nik Aziz, Abdul Hadi Awang & Husam Musa from PAS, have shown themselves to be compassionate, wise & honorable men regardless of their religious beliefs. And then there is the political phenomenon called Anwar who spent 16 years in Umno as Mahathir's handpicked apprentice & heir apparent but who, mercifully, was booted out of Umno, brutally mistreated, unfairly imprisoned & who managed to resurrect & reinvent himself as the harbinger of a New Dawn in Malaysia. But Anwar is only human & will occasionally miscalculate or get overly impatient to fulfil his chosen destiny; he's also a veteran strategist & cannot help being a wily chess-player (this competitive urge is neither good nor bad, but the important factor is what beliefs or philosophy motivate each of us to attain political power). But for the present, only a backward-looking neophobe would dismiss Anwar's remarkable leadership qualities & his ability to unify & harmonize a complex, multicultural agenda & inspire Malaysians with fresh hope, fresh vision & renewed optimism that Malaysia is destined to be one place we can ALL be proud to call HOME.

  10. Let Najib laugh as loud as he could...for the last time.

    I still believe what Pak Sheikh Alattas wrote about R.A.H.M.A.N...Don't you all see that N stands for Najib and he is the last in the UMNO/BN list of leaders/dictators. Trust me and trust that prophercy...NAJIB will be the one who will bring UMNO and BN down.

    Yes, the writings are on the wall and by year 2013 the latest, we shall have the last laugh when the rule of UMNO/BN come to a tragic end.