First Class

Today is the first class of my distance learning Diploma programme. I woke up early this Sunday morning, go for my usual 2KM jog and left for UiTM's INTEC (INTernational Education Centre) in section 17 Shah Alam around 7:30 AM.
I got there around 8:15 AM and I was greeted with a long queue leading to the INTEC campus. This is what happens when everybody arrives at the same time. I bet the people around this area is already accustomed to this scenario every weekend. Note to self: next time come earlier!
Half an hour later I finally made my way into the place and miraculously found a parking spot which was a long way from my classroom. I got a free lecture from the security guard when I asked him where U block is. He said I should have asked earlier at the entrance.
I arrived fashionably late for my first class (U230). What's more I had to find my own chair and sit in the corner because there's not enough table and chair for everyone and the classroom was rather small to begin with. There's one air-conditioner unit in the room but we can hardly feel the cool breeze even with the 2 fans blowing at top speed. I miss my good old UPM halls and classrooms. They were much more comfortable.
Class is about and hour and a half each with four class each Seminar (meeting) and we'll have like 5 of them each semester. The lecturers are generally nice and experienced except for one which I find quite a bore interesting. I thought I got all my books and notes ready since yesterday but apparently I left all my books at home and I only realized it halfway to Shah Alam. Too late to turn back, I went into class today with nothing but my little red notebook.
We learned a thing or two in class today but most of the time the lecturers used this first class to get acquainted with the students. We had to introduce ourselves like twice today. Everybody has a story to tell. Some are married with children, many are single. 3 of us works as policemen, many works as librarians. Some came from nearby Klang and some came from as far away as Penang, Kelantan and Johore for this course. Some got a second chance to continue their studies just like me. During lunch hour, I crashed at my sister's place just 2KM away in Jalan Betuk to rest and have some lunch. She teaches at the Special Education school next door.
Our first seminar today ended just before 6:00. Check-it-out! My new student card! Now I can watch movies for half price again. Harry Potter anyone?

Anybody have any idea how I can connect to INTEC's Wi-Fi system?