Weekend escapade in Manjung

This weekend we've decided to take some time off from the hustle and bustle of city life and made a trip to Linda's sister's place in Manjung, Perak.
Friday evening, we left home ply through the north-south highway due north. From the Bidor exit we head to Teluk Intan and then straight to Manjung. Driving at night, the road is relatively clear of traffic but the down side is I get real sleepy towards the later part of our journey.

It took us nearly 4 hours to get from here to Manjung. I took a wrong turn at the LDP exit and went to Kepong instead of Sungai Buloh. It's been a while since I last went to Sungai Buloh hence the mix-up. We arrived in Manjung in central Perak around 1:30 AM. I dozed off immediately upon arrival.
This is Shafy Hani my not-so-little 2 years old niece. She reminds me of one character of that popular children's show. Hmmm.
And this is her little sister Shafy Qasif, slightly over a year old. Look at that adorable eyes!
Later that Saturday morning we went to the Teluk Batik beach nearby for a little picnic and barbecue. Adam was all so excited and eager to get to the beach, he's been wearing that float since in the car.
But this is the furthest he went into the sea. Mia had no problem dipping and splashing in the water though. I swam in the water for hours until my skin wrinkles.
We had nasi kerabu and some superb barbecue chicken for lunch made by my sister in law.
In the evening, we visited Lumut town so that the women folks can have a little bit of shopping.
We also stopped by the beautiful Lumut waterfront to enjoy the cool evening sea breeze and watch some kids shuffling and a family performing some impromptu line-dancing! Apparently that's the in thing for the people in Perak right now.

The next day, I spent the whole morning sleeping to rest my aching & tired body. Linda was really happy to get to meet her sister, parent and her nieces and also get to eat loads of durians this weekend. I don't like durian that much but I do love those cucur durian which I had two plates for breakfast this morning.
On the way back we used the regular Teluk Intan - Kuala Selangor trunk road. Traffic was surprisingly smooth today. We got home safe and sound nearly 4 hours later, tired but definitely happy.