Sports Day

Today was sports day at Adam's kindergarten. It was his first ever sports day. Some time last week we found him practising something all by himself. And when we asked him what's he's up to, he said it was for the sports day.
We came as early as we could that Sunday morning. The programme starts around 8:30 and it has just started when we got there. Adam quickly got in line with his yellow group. The other two was red and green.
So he was actually practising for this really complicated marching manoeuvre all this week. His yellow team won first prize too in this category.
Some of the other parents who made it to the sports day. Attendance was pretty good with the parent's tent fully occupied during the event.
And the games begin. First was the balloon-popping event. They just had to flock together like that one while blowing the balloon (so cute!). Adam had a tough time filling up his balloon so his Mom had to give him a little boost (like blowing & popping the balloon herself ha ha!).
Next was the throwing the hoop in the cone game. Adam's team did really well in this one but the red team won because they had the least members (you cheaters!).
After that it was time for the throw the bean bag into the hoop game. Adam's team lost this one as well.
There were also several games for the parents to take part in. We sportingly signed up for almost every game that they asked us to join in like the running in the gunny sack race which my wife participated in.
And she got the prize for 5th place in the race although she was adamant she actually got 3rd place! I guess this photo-finish showed she was right all along. Hmm, I smell something sinister at work here. Maybe these ladies were secretly plotting for your downfall ha ha.
I joined in a few games too including the run one-legged race which I got 2nd place. The other dads were no match for the (ahem) fit me except for the guy with the cap. He beat me just by a fraction of a second. I suspect he practiced for this race for months because he looked so prepared. Hah.
Finally it was time for the prize-giving ceremony. The yellow team got (surprise-surprise) last place. Well you know what son? Winning isn't everything. It's the competitive spirit and teamwork that counts. Next time we'll kick their sorry asses.
Just look at their proud faces displaying their hard-earned trophies. Standing in the middle is their headmistress, Mrs Rozinah.
Linda got 4th place in the guess the number of sweets game. She was extremely proud of herself.
Since we took part in most of the games and everybody wins something, we took home a bundle of prizes today. They're mostly tupperwares really, how thoughtful.
Adam and friends had a really good time at the sports day today and we the parent had loads of fun too. I must commend the kindy for organizing this. Next year we should hold this games at a much bigger venue like Bukit Jalil stadium maybe, no?