Boys day out

My wife Linda has to work this weekend and today she brought Mia along while Adam followed his Dad for a day out in the city.
After dropping the girls off at the office, we went to a mystery place near Bukit Bintang. I parked the car there and we walked around to find breakfast. First we visited the Celcom Big Deal promotion. They're selling some prepaid cards and broadband modem, big deal.
Then we head to a McDonald's in Bukit Bintang for breakfast. The hot cake with butter and syrup was delicious. Adam found Missing Link to be more interesting than breakfast though, he hardly ate anything.
After breakfast, we returned to the 'mystery place'. We toured the entire 1st floor several times looking for something. Adam thought going round in circles was pretty boring and decided to sit down and relax. I didn't find what I wanted first time round.
I promised to take him to a playground today. First I thought of going to KLCC but then I remembered we had to pay to park there. So we head to the Lake Gardens Taman Tasik Perdana) instead.
The parking here is free and the playground is 3 times as large too. Although was 12:00 in the afternoon and the sun is scorching overhead, it didn't matter to Adam. He was too excited to play at the playground to notice. The park was quite empty save for a few visitors. Nobody in their right mind comes here at noon. I let Adam play until he's had enough.
For lunch we went to A&W. Adam must be wondering what's got into his Dad today. Usually he's very cheapskate budget-conscious and rarely brought him to McDonald's or any fast-food outlets but today we went there twice!
Finally, we returned to 'mystery place' where I found what I've been looking for at last. Okay la, it's Low Yat Plaza, not very mysterious anymore. First time we went there not many shops were open yet so there's not much choice and bargaining to do. This time I found and bought my dream phone at a very reasonable price. More details and review to come. Stay tuned!