Everclear - Sparkle and Fade

Everclear's Sparkle and Fade is one of my all-time favorite rock album that I bought when I was 16. Listening to this album again today, brought back fond memories of my high school years. There we were at a boarding school in rural Kelantan, surrounded by palm oil trees and secondary jungle, no Internet, MTV or whatever but still we were rocking to Everclear, Greenday and Weezer. How cool is that?
I don't know what happened to the cassete that I bought but even today, Sparkle and Fade is quite hard to come by. Nevertheless, I managed to get my hands on this album and put them up here for all the world to share. My personal favorite songs are listed in bold.

Everclear - Sparkle and Fade (1995)

1. Chemical smile

2. Electra made me blind

3. Heartspark Dollarsign

4. Her brand new skin

5. Heroin girl

6. My sexual life

7. Nehalem

8. Pale green stars

9. Queen of the Air

10. Santa Monica

11. Strawberry

12. Summerland

13. The twistinside

14. You make me feel like a whore