Puspakom vehicle inspection

Puspakom, incorporated in 1994 is the sole company recognized by the government for computerized vehicle inspection centre. Usually people only go to Puspakom to get their vehicles checked because:

1. Routine inspection for commercial vehicles every 6 months under the Road Transport Act 1987.

2. Initial inspection for transfer of ownership for commercial vehicles.

3. Special inspection for lost of registration card, change of engine, change of chassis, road tax renewal which expired more than one year, change of body and also for new and used imported cars.

Today I was very 'fortunate' to get to bring the company's commercial vehicle for inspection at a Puspakom Centre in Bangi. There are over 60 Puspakom Centres nationwide but anywhere you go, avoid the Wangsa Maju centre at all cost. It's a jungle over there.
The one in Bangi is located at Taman Perindustrian Selaman, near the Pos Malaysia depot. Try Google Maps for direction.
When you get there, don't just barge into the workshop. Look back and you'll see a queue behind you. One for private vehicles and another for commercial vehicles. Get in line and wait patiently for your turn. While waiting for my turn, I used my imaginary iPhone 3GS to surf high-speed Internet and check my e-mails. For the ladies, now is a good time to start knitting or something.
The queue could be 20 minutes to an hour long depending on when you show up and also your luck. When you're about 2 or 3 vehicles away from your turn, find this security guard here and ask for your number. Then proceed to the registration counter and pass your documents and payment to the staff there. The fees could be from RM50 to RM90 depending on vehicle and inspection type. Check out the full price list here.
Now it's finally your turn for the inspection. This could take from 10 minutes to half and hour depending on your vehicle's condition. You shouldn't have any problems if your vehicle is well kept or brand new. You can sit in the air-conditioned but tiny room while you wait.
If everything goes well, the inspection will finish shortly and you will get this certificate of inspection for you to stick on your windscreen.


A shoutout to the penkid b**ch that drove a blue Proton Satria registration number WES 6899 to Puspakom Bangi this afternoon. Next time get in line like everybody else.