Exabytes Movie Day KL '09

This weekend, Exabytes, a Penang-based web hosting, email and dedicated server company treated their KL-based customers and members of the Exabytes forum with a free screening of 2012 movie at GSC One Utama.
I being a customer of Exabytes for nearly a year now also received the invite and didn't waste my chance to go see and join Exabytes Movie Day KL '09. After all, all we need to do is just bring our asses there and redeem the 2 free movie ticket along with the complimentary pop corn and drinks voucher.
The movie started around 5:30 PM and we grabbed our tickets at the redemption counter shortly after it opened at 3:45. There were hardly any queue at all but we did see a lot of people with orange Exabytes goody bags around the mall. The regular ticketing counter was overwhelmed with a huge crowd and long queues this Saturday evening so I guess we were lucky not having to go through all that.
Apparently Exabytes booked the whole number 2 screen for us and most of the seats were filled too. The movie 2012 was absolutely fantastic and I must thank Exabytes for now picking something lame like Pisau Cukur or This Is It.
The movie ran for two hours and we were like glued to our seats for the entire duration (yeah it was that awesome). Most of us patrons showed up with our grey clothing to redeem the mystery gift which is this awesome Exabytes piggy cow bank.

Many thanks to Exabytes for organizing this cool event. Can't wait for next year's one!