Kindergarten Graduation Day 2009

Last Saturday the kindergarten where Adam goes to held a little graduation and prize giving ceremony for its students. The ceremony was held at the Cyberjaya Lake Community Club in Cyberjaya.
Last year they held this ceremony at the South City Plaza mall so I was curious why they didn't hold the event there as well, or at least at any community hall in Equine Park or Serdang.
But once I got there, I immediately know why. This community club's hall and venue is so much better than any other halls in the district. It's air-conditioned, easily accessible with lots of facilities and they even got free WiFi for the visitors. It's the perfect venue for any events, big or small.
As always, there's the usual speech from the principal, the prize giving and graduation ceremony itself and some performance from all the students. Adam have been practising for this event with his friends for weeks and he's like so excited and rearing to go already.
Actually the graduation ceremony is for the 6 years old students only and Adam is only 5 years old this year. Still since he got 3rd place in class, he still get to go on stage to accept his prize. You can say I'm mighty proud to hear them announce Adam's name and see him there taking his prize.
What's more Adam was also selected to read out a story from his Peter & Jane text book out loud on the stage. Call me biased, but I think Adam read it really well compared to the others too! Well, what can I say... the gravy cannot pour far from the mashed potato. Something like that.
If you're wondering why he's dressed like some old guy, it's because he and his mates had to perform a dance to the tune of Dato' M. Daud Kilau's 'Cik Mek Molek'. So adorable and hilarious! 20 years from now, people is going to use this video to mock you my son :)
The kindergarten was also kind enough to give everyone else prizes just for being enrolled there. So we took this opportunity to get on stage and get our pictures taken with our kids.
Some of the parents who came. I must say most of the parents is very supportive of the kindergarten and their children judging by the huge attendance for the event. I must commend the kindergarten and the teachers for working so hard to make this happen. And they didn't even ask a penny from us.
I think everybody, the children, parent and also teachers had loads of fun at the event. The children especially looked like they really enjoyed themselves there. Although not as popular, glamorous (or expensive) as some of the other franchise kindergarten I know, Tadika Cahayaku Seri Nilam have done a really good job in teaching and educating my kid for the past one year. I can't recommend this kindergarten to everyone enough.

You can call this number 03 89452803 for enrollment details and more information.