Review: 2012

2012 is a disaster film based on the fictional 2012 phenomenon where the ancient Mayan folks from South America predicted the end of the end of the world somewhere before Christmas during that year. Actually the 2012 phenomenon is totally made up by Hollywood to promote the movie. The Mayan people never said anything is going to happen 3 years from now. No galactic alignment is going to happen, there's no black hole to devour us all and the planet is not going to tilt on it's orbit any time soon.
The movie starts when an American scientist named Adrian who suddenly realized that the sun has been emitting massive solar flare that's heating up the earth's core from the inside, frying the earth's crust on top of it that will cause apocalyptic earthquakes all over the world. Strangely enough the people living directly under the sun won't get affected much by these solar flares (well maybe they'll get a better tan or something but apart from that, none).
So this Adrian guy alerted the Chief of Staff named Anheuser who informed the President who in turn told the other G8 summit leaders about the impending disaster. After that the leaders of these 8 richest countries in the world agreed to build a couple of spaceships so that they can blast into space and survive the disaster (the rest of us is screwed). To finance this mega-project, they agreed to let any rich people of the world pay 1 billion Euros each to get a ticket on this spaceship.
Somehow this one guy named Jackson, found out about the upcoming disaster just before they were about to happen and managed to get his family on board a plane to China where the spaceship is built. Of course they didn't have a couple billion of Euros lying around the house but they'll worry about that latter and flew to China nevertheless. It's during this flight from San Francisco to China that we can see those major earthquakes and huge volcano eruptions as the whole world is blown into pieces.
Unfortunately the plane crashed somewhere near Tibet but lucky for them, they stumbled into this Buddhist monk who was kind enough to take them to join his engineer brother at the spaceship site and somehow get on board the ship. Well I thought they were really spaceships but they were actually just a couple of super-big modern day Noah's ark. Although they didn't pay any tickets, Jackson, his family and the Dalai Lama managed to sneak into the ship and survive the mountain-high tsunami that swept, destroyed and killed everybody and the rest of the world in one big swoop. In the end the 6 ships survived the doomsday and found dry land in South Africa where they disembarked and lived happily ever after. Well yeah, there were a little bit of drama before one of the ship set sail.

Overall, I think 2012 is a darn good movie to watch. I never believed that anything would happen in 2012 and so should you so better get that out of your head before you see this one. And apart from the feel-good family love and humanity theme, the awesome visual effects used for this movie alone will totally blow you away. I mean it's not far-fetched to say that this is the best movie with CGI-effect I've watched this year. Plus you can only appreciate and feel all the cool visual and sound effects only if you watch it inside a real cinema. Would I recommend watching this movie? Absolutely yes!

Some notable notes about 2012 movie:

Nothing is going to happen in 2012. But if you are somehow convinced otherwise, start saving for that 1 billion Euro to board the ship (or spaceship) during the disaster.

I guess it would be politically correct for all movies to portray a black guy as the U.S President from now on.

The crazy conspiracy theory guy with the amateur radio has been right all along!

When the government said everything is alright, everything is NOT and start running for cover!

One way to survive the 20,000 feet giant tsunami caused by the huge earthquake is to hang around the summit of mount Everest. At least you can do that for less than a billion Euro.

I wish they would make a Proton or Perodua car with voice activated control like in the movie.