Create & find free ringtones with Audiko

Audiko is a website that converts any music files into a 30 seconds ringtone for your mobile phone.

To use this free service just visit the website and upload any music file you want. Audiko supports 15 different audio formats including mp3, wav, ogg and aac.

Choose which part of the song you would like to make the ringtone and select whether to fade in or out into the song. Audiko will convert them into m4r format for iPhone or mp3 format for any other mobile phones. iPhone users will find this website really useful because they could just drag the m4r file into iTunes and sync to use as a ringtone.

You don't have to register to use Audiko but if you do, this website will keep a collection all the files you have uploaded. Apart from that you can also search for thousands of other popular ringtones that Audiko users have created. Visit to create your ringtone now.