Eye on Malaysia

Last week I finally get to bring my family to see the Eye On Malaysia. I know that thing opened ages ago but I didn't came earlier simply because I dislike going to crowded public places (with the jam, no parking and all).

Plus I don't really get what's all the hype with Eye on Malaysia, it's just another ferris wheel, big deal.

We went there on Wednesday night where the place is less crowded and it's much nicer to stroll along in the cool night air.

Unfortunately nighttime is also the time for a dozen or so unruly couples showing their affection on the benches, steps, under the tree, in short literally everywhere for all to see.

For example you can see a couple making out on the bench right behind Linda and there's another couple sitting on the dark steps on the right doing some serious biology subject revision.

Honestly, I think they should put a warning sign for family with kids visiting the place.

According to their official website, The Eye on Malaysia is the tallest portable wheel in the world while the wikipedia entry only says it's the tallest observation wheel in South East Asia. Whatever.

The 60-metre structure is located at Titiwangsa Lake Gardens, Kuala Lumpur. The ferris wheel comprising of 42 gondolas (including 1 VIP one) is similar to the London Eye and has been unveiled in conjunction of Visit Malaysia Year 2007 on January 6, 2007. The exclusive VIP gondola has also been outfitted to include plush leather seats , a mini fridge, a DVD player, a plasma TV and a mobile telephone. There are also two specially designed gondolas, fitted with unique features making it friendly to wheelchair-bound and handicapped visitors.

This giant ferris wheel allows visitors to experience a 360-degree panoramic view of Kuala Lumpur during a 12-minute ride that goes 60 metres high. It offers a magnificent view of Kuala Lumpur and over 20 kilometres of its surroundings including KL Tower, Istana Budaya and Petronas Twin Towers.

Anyway we didn't actually ride that thing cause I think RM15 is too much to pay for a mere 12 minute ride.


  1. RM15 fer a 12min ride - like almost everything else in our beloved country, tis a touch too costly. From sliced white bread to fooking fuel, this hikes are really doing us in.

    I take it you are gainfully employed & would fall into the 'middle class' income category. If people like us are feeling the pinch, how bout the lower income groups with several mouths to feed? Basic stuff like flour, sugar, milk & gas are NOT luxury items & all households need this.

    That's why I was ever so resentful of the govt spending RM100m of OUR money fer the joke of a space programme. Fooking hell, think of what it could have helped subsides - bread manufacturers? Flour mills? etc etc

    As fer the lovey dovey couples . . . eh, don't tell me you were never young once with fooking RAGING hormones as well . . . he he

    On a more serious note, I feel they are more serious threats to our families well beings than some over excited couples - mat rempit, snatch thieves, corrupt police officers etc. All these pose a serious threat to our loved one's safety. Groping couples in public may be irritating BUT they ain't gonna hurt/kill nobody, dude.

  2. That's why I got hitched early so that I can channel my hormones properly heh.