Last weekend

Last Saturday was the 3rd Saturday of the month so it’s our day off. All the same, some of my colleagues went to work anyway cause they’ve got some very important job to finish. Bujal and Safuan for example had to go to Puncak Alam to install a brand new server there. It’s not everyday I get to learn how to install an entire server system and I’d tag along too if I didn’t have an appointment with a masseur at the same time.

You see, I sprained my left knee when I took part in that tug of war game last time. I tried to ignore it at first but the injury got worse and worse by the day. It hurts when I run, climb stairs and especially when I’m driving. All those pain for a lousy runner’s up plaque? So not worth it. Furthermore a good masseur is hard to come by these days and I had to ask around a dozen people before I found one. According to my friend, uncle Bidin’s* house is the 3rd or 4th house of the UPM mosque roundabout, the one with the green curtain on his porch.

So I went to his house that Saturday afternoon and waited for my turn to be massaged. I had my reservations at first cause this pak cik had a brand new Honda Civic parked on his porch you know, don prey-prey wan. I mean don’t tell me he could afford to buy that car just by massaging alone! Like, will he charge me a bomb to get my leg fixed?

My fears were soon allayed when uncle Bidin said I can pay how much I want to, he never fix any price for his service. Which is very clever of him cause all those grateful people would pay him at least 15 to 20 ringgit per massage. And for RM20 per person, he could easily get a hundred ringgit even if only 5 people visits him a day. Hmm maybe I should consider venturing into this massaging business. For starters maybe I can massage girls and women first? Anybody interested? Mwahahaha!

Anyway uncle Bidin was fixed up my leg really good. He knows which part of my leg hurts just by running his fingers over them. He knew which muscle to squeeze and which nerve to press. And after like 10 minutes of suffering, my legs are almost as good as new.

Last weekend also I tried to register for Maxis wireless broadband at the Mines Shopping Fair. Emm my application was rejected cause apparently I have a few unsettled bills with TM Touch. Sheesh, it’s not like I owe the 6 billion or something. I thought TM Touch don’t exist anymore? So much for my internet at home dream. Damn hormones.

* not his real name


  1. Ohh Pakcik Bidin..i know him. My hubby used to go urut kat dia..rumah dia dekat ngan roundabout tu.

  2. Nobody interested with my free massaging service?

    Oh well, guess I'll have to try it on my hamsters :(