A Famosa Resort weekend getaway

Last weekend my family and I went to CIMB Auto Finance sports carnival / family day at A Famosa resort in Alor Gajah, Malacca. We left on Friday right after work. I incidentally finished work around 7 pm that day and after picking up wifey from KTM Serdang we had only about an hour to pack our stuff and everything.

95 kilometres later we finally arrive at the resort after an hour’s drive from Seri Kembangan. Actually we rushed there so that we get to choose the best room there.

We were placed at the D’Savoy condotel along with another married couple with their baby kid. The Badrul couple rarely came out (if ever) of their room to chit chat or socialize. Maybe they’re just too pre-occupied with themselves mwahahaha!

But that’s okay. I get to conquer the living room all to myself. Well, actually all to myself and Adam.

Our house has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, dining area and a living room. Although not exactly posh, all the basic amenities were there and I’ll give the condotel 3.5 stars out of 5.

I love this bathtub. I’ve got to have one of these someday.

The sports carnival doesn’t start until the next day and was held some 15 kilometers away at UiTM Lendu.

Breakfast and lunch were provided by the organizer. There was some procession by the delegates in the morning and several sports were played later. This inaugural sports carnival involves CIMB Auto Finance department from all over the country. There were at least 1500 people present that day.


Even though it rained several times that day, the sport and games goes on nevertheless.

I didn’t play in any of the except for the tug of war game. Originally my name was only put in reserve but since her boss personally asked me to play, I didn’t have the heart to decline. Anyway we did get into the final but we eventually lost to another team. Not surprising lah since the other team got Mr. Eko on their side. Yes they’ve got a huge African man about twice my size. Huh,talk about fair play.

We left immediately after the tug of war game and get a few hours of rest before the dinner in the evening. Naturally after months of not exercising and suddenly getting into such intense physical activity, my poor body started aching all over soon after that.

My muscles and joints hurt like every time I move and how I wish I didn’t have to go to the dinner and just lay on my bed and rest.

But since my wife insists that I do we did go to the dinner in the end. Lucky for us we arrive early for the occasion. Those who came really late had no tables left to sit and had to stand around for a while.

Adam, obviously tired after so much activity during the day and choose to sleep throughout the entire dinner.

We were served a decent 7 course mostly western dinner with a couple of seafood delicacies. Comedian, Salleh Yaakob was emcee for the night. There were some performance from the delegates and I get to receive my runners up trophy on stage.

But the main reason I drag my tired butt to the dinner is none other for the lucky draw. There were some 500 hundred items up for grab, mostly electrical goods including a 32” LCD tv. Linda and I are usually unlucky when it comes to lucky draws but we did manage to go home with a (really expensive) toaster that evening.

Although super tired we had a jolly good time at the resort and also the sports carnival. A Famosa resort is a nice place to bring your family to during weekends or school holidays. There are a lot of things to do and see here (although I didn’t get to see any of them). But then like so many other resorts and theme parks, there’s a price for everything. On the down side the prices of food and beverages here are still cutthroat and there’s several unfinished buildings which are a bit of eyesore to see. Yes we enjoyed ourselves during the stay but unless it’s another sponsored trip, I don’t think I’ll be gong there again in the near future. Yeah I know I’m a cheapskate but A Famosa? Maybe not.


  1. is it a good place for short holiday? thinking to have short break there..hehe

  2. best best. Hey you tak worry ke if that couple happen to stumble upon ur blog and terbaca what you wrote?

    they can sue you maa..


  3. Maria: To be honest, I'didn't get to visit any of the tourist attractions so I can't really say.

    Rina: Hey I'm no femes blogger la, nobody reads my blog wan :)

  4. what do u mean by nobody reads ur blog? hey i noticed that ur blog attracts people from abroad ;)

    u sooo famous wannn...well don't be flattered!

  5. say i myself is a huge fan of ur blog maaa!!!

    everyday i will check on both of ur sites and always get disappointed when there are no updates.


  6. Oit stop it already, my nose cannot expand any larger :0)