Scaling new heights

Last month the ceiling fan in our living room broke down and stopped working altogether. So I bought a new controller (thinking the old one might be broken) and asked the favour of one of my colleagues to set it up. He tried for 2 consecutive days, even bought a brand new capacitor but still the fan wouldn't budge. That's when we came to the conclusion that I need to get a brand new ceiling fan. A few days later I went to an electrical shop in Seri Kembangan and bought myself a ceiling fan. Since I have no prior experience in installing fans myself so I asked my colleague to help again. Actually I don't like to bug my friends all the time like that but sitting in the living room without a ceiling fan for nearly 3 weeks is no fun at all. I wish I have a family handyman that I can call at a moment's notice but unfortunately I don't have such luxury. When my friend came up with excuses after excuses, I got the notion that he's unwilling to help me this time. Besides, he did say he'd never fixed a fan before.

Then after a while I thought, hey why didn't I do this myself? It's not exactly rocket science or something and if other people can do it why can't I? Plus, what's the worse that could go wrong right? Well, actually I can came out with several things that could go wrong (like the fan falling of the ceiling) but the point is I'm tired of depending on other people to do errands for me. I'm tired of waiting and sometimes I hate myself for not knowing stuff you know, fixing stuff around the house.

So today I've decided to do it all myself. Today I went to Tesco and bought a step ladder and some electrical stuff and decided to fix the freaking fan myself. Heck I found out Tesco charge a hundred ringgit to fix new fans at their customer's homes. There's no way I'm gonna succumb to such extortion. After that I went home, say my prayers and do it all myself. Take out the old fan, assemble the new one, put the new one up there, mess around with the wirings, screws, bolts and nuts and after an hour or so I'm all done! The new fan is up and running and the most important thing is I did it all by myself.

I know this might sound rather trivial to some of you out there. I fixed a new fan, so what? big deal! But it's a really big deal for me alright. Today I stopped being too dependent on others and started believing in myself. Fixing a fan may be a small step for mankind, but it's a giant leap for one Afif!

So now that I'm a certified ceiling fan installer, if you ever need to fix a fan you know who to call :)

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