Casa Riana Apartment

There will be a time in your life once you've settled down and started a family, sooner or later you will want to buy a house to call your own. That time has (hopefully) come for me and my family. Since we can't afford to buy our dream semi-d in Putrajaya yet, we'll have to settle for this small apartment in Taman Puncak Jalil near Seri Kembangan called Casa Riana.

This apartment used to be an abandoned project by Talam Corporation which I heard has a rather shabby record in properties development and notoriously famous for unfinished projects. But fortunately, it was taken over by another developer named IJM which has a shiny record as a properties developer.

The market price for one unit of this apartment is around RM120,000 but if you're lucky, it can go as low as RM110,000. The built up is approximately 830 square feet and it has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Amongst the amenities provided is a swimming pool, playground and 24 hour security. Oh did I mention it's for a 99 years leasehold?

After several phone calls to a few numbers, we finally get to visit the apartment and meet the real estate agent earlier this afternoon. They've already gotten a CF for this project and they expected to receive the keys in 2 weeks time. Too bad we didn't actually get to enter the house itself because the stairs were still locked yesterday. Still, from our initial visit we kinda liked this apartment already. It's affordable and it's about 8 minutes drive from my work place. Furthermore they're going to build a LRT station nearby sometime in the future and if we don't buy this house now, the price will surely shoot sky high in a few years time.

So it's settled then. Now it's only the small-small problem of getting the 5% deposit money. If only I can get an increment or pay rise from work, that would be really swell. But I'm not putting my hopes high on that. Guess I'll have to look for other means of making that extra money. Maybe I can sell nasi lemak or banana fritters after work. Hmm, that's an idea.

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