In Rafa we trust... no more

It's never easy being a Liverpool supporter these days. You could be on the top of the world high by beating the league champions one week and sank bottom low the next week by losing your 5th league match in 11 games thus effectively ending your title credentials for this season. Let's not even go near the part where I had to take the stick and jeers from rival team supporters for losing so many games already.
As always, some of Rafa Benitez's decisions yesterday was just as perplexing and mysterious as many of the greatest unexplained mystery of the universe such as UFOs, aliens and big foot. Tied one goal each and he withdrew the league's top scorer and the only player in the squad who looked like scoring. 2 - 1 down and he took off one of the most creative player on the field and replaces him with a relatively unknown youngster? It's as if he wanted so much for the team to lose instead!

Come to think of it, maybe that's exactly what he's trying to do. Get us regelated so that he can stick his middle finger to the owners one last time before he leaves. I've defended him and stood up with his antics for so long before but last night was the last straw. People may have called him a genius in the past but last night he acted like he was on crack. Heck, even people on crack made more sense than him yesterday. And what is this crap about cups and titles not being everything? IT IS EVERYTHING YOU IDIOT!!! If he's in charge of Chelsea, he'd been long gone by now. The only thing that's keeping him at Anfield right now is simply because the equally useless owners can't afford to pay him the 20 million compensation if they sack him now.

You could argue that the owners didn't give him the financial backing that he deserved but then how do you explain our defeats to Spurs, Villa, Sunderland and Fulham who have about the same or smaller transfer kitty than us? How do you explain why he keep playing flops like Voronin who couldn't score a goal even if the goal's mouth is 50 feet wide? Why did he kept taking off our best players on the pitch when the match is far from settled yet?

Last season we were 2 points away from being crowned champions. This season we'd be really lucky if we could snag a top 5 finish. And for a team with 18 league titles, 5 European cups and countless other domestic cups, that is simply not good enough. I don't care what happens to Benitez anymore after this. Nothing short of a sixth European Cup victory can bring back my faith on him after this. But I wouldn't put my life's savings on that to happen. I even dread to watch another Liverpool game after this.