End of the semester

Before you know it, yesterday was my last class for this semester already. One down, seven hundred more to go. Well actually seven semester but it does feels like 700. When I first came to class, I thought we're going to sit in a large and spacious lecture halls with plenty of seats and air-conditioning. Instead all 27 of us were cramped into a small class room with not enough tables for everyone. But I didn't complain (much). I came here to study and get my diploma not to lounge around. If I wanted a comfortable seat, I'd stayed at home.
My lecturers and classmates were a mix of many colourful characters. They come from various different background and places. Since I am really a shy type of person, I didn't talk to people much. In fact if you know me long enough you'd know that I'm a rather reserved and quiet person (unless it involve girls he he!). Only later during the end of the semester that I finally get to know my new friends better. My male friends we all friendly and really warm though some of them are real slackers. Some didn't do their assignments properly and others were even absent from their tests. Skipping classes is quite the norm for others. What's the point of paying nearly over 1.2K per semester if you don't take your studies seriously, skipping class and eventually drop out of the course?

We have 4 lecturers/learning facilitators this semester, one for each subject. Mrs Z taught us Information Skills, the core subject in our programme. She happens to be the program coordinator too so she pretty much handles everything, intake, registration, lecturers, modules and other activities. Her knowledge in is is second to none, at least around here in UiTM. That said, I still find her lectures hard to comprehend sometimes. Maybe it's the way she presents herself or maybe I didn't concentrate enough. Anyway I like her because she gave the least assignment (1 only!) and she didn't bother if we don't visit her online forum much (maybe because she never does it herself anyway).

Mr A teaches us an Islamic subject for this semester. Although he's very knowledgeable in his subject, I find some of his views quite troubling indeed. According to him, smoking is okay, wearing lipstick will void your fasting, Malaysia is a secular state, he hates Dr. M to his guts, ISA is cool and necessary, though he didn't agree with many of the policies implemented by the government regarding Islam and yet he didn't support the opposition cause. He's like a walking contradiction and his face reminds me of the comic actor Abon. He also gave us a lots of homework at our online forum and he expects us to answer all of them immediately within his given time (usually a week). Whoever have time to do that?

Mrs N1 teaches our only English subject for this semester. I don't mean to sound cocky but I dohope to excel in this particular subject at least. I mean filling in the blanks with the correct word shouldn't be that hard right? Still I had to be careful not to be too overconfident with this one.

Mrs N2 teaches another Information Skills subject. She's been a librarian most of her working life. She worked in a dozen libraries from the smallest to the national library and also corporate ones and she's like the expert system in this field. She's already retired from UiTM but she agreed to come back to teach us one last time after Mrs Z asked her to. Just last month she got hired to work at Bank Negara, the national central bank. However, she also gave us the most assignments - 4 to be exact. Still I enjoyed her class tremendously and it's a pity she won't be teaching us anymore after this.

So no more classes after this but we will be sitting for our final exam in a couple of week's time. the earliest on the 28th. The thing is 3 out of 4 of my papers are held on weekdays. Hmm, what should I do? Take 3-4 hours of time off or apply for 3 days leave? Decisions-decisions.