'Boh' Sungei Palas Tea Centre

One place you should not miss visiting while in Cameron Highlands is one of their renown tea plantations. Boh's Sungei Palas tea plantation is one of the more famous tea plantation in Cameron Highland, the other being Bharat tea plantation.
The Boh tea plantation is famous for its tea center. You can find the entrance to the plantation just after the big Equatorial Hotel on the left side heading north to Kampung Raja. The signboard is placed perpendicular to the road and quite easy to miss especially when you're driving fast. I missed this little signboard and end up 15 kilometers away near Kampung Raja before finally stopping to ask for direction.
From the entrance, the tea center is about 2 kilometers in and you'll have to negotiate a very narrow and winding road barely enough for two vehicles to pass at once. Honking if you're horny around the bends is advisable to warn incoming traffic.
Here you can already see the beautiful scenery of of the tea plantation.
The car park is huge and parking is plentiful (and free of charge).
There's also plenty of restrooms for your convenience.
The tea centre is situated way up the plantation and you can choose to either walk up the tea planter's trail...
Or the regular tarred road way. I'm not really sure whether you can drive your car all the way up but I did see a lot of cars up there, many without stickers so I guess you can after all but parking space up there is rather limited though.
The old and rusty Kedai Teh Boh shop is now replaced by this shiny new and modern Tea Ria shop where you can enjoy several different types of tea served hot or cold with cakes and scones.

This place is quite popular with the visitors so finding an empty table is rather difficult at times.
Having scones with butter and strawberry jam here with my family is one of those things I must do before I die thing.
Although the food here like so many other touristy place is quite pricey, the view from up here is simply priceless.

At the Boh Tea Centre, you can learn everything about Boh and their history in Malaysia.
Stop by the Tea Shop to buy some tea and souvenirs for your loved ones. Except for the teas, the stuff here are not exactly cheap.

And while you're there, why not take a moment to visit their tea factory and learn how tea is processed.
Someday, your friends will use this to make fun of you my son.
Here you can see Adam trying his hand at tea-picking.
I can say he has got potential.
If you're really interested I can always send you here to work during the holidays you know.
This is what tea leaves look like from up close.
The road to the tea centre is also the same road you need to take to get to the top of Gunung Brinchang and a little strawberry farm nearby which we would have visited if only we had more time.

Narrow road and expensive food aside, the Boh Sungei Palas tea centre is a must visit for the breathtaking scenery alone. Remember though that this place is closed on Monday.
Of course we would love to come here again some time in the future.