MARDI Cameron Highlands Apartment

Looking for a place to stay in Cameron Highlands? Why not stay at the MARDI Agrotechnology Park near Tanah Rata!
This newly finished apartment is available for just RM200 overnight. But if you stay here, you can also visit the Agrotechnology Park next door which is just a short walk away.
Booking should be made a few days in advance by calling them at 05-4911255 or 05-4915945. You'll have to bank in the deposit (RM100) upfront and fax the payment details to 04-4912170.
This apartment comes with 3 bedrooms, all with queen-sized beds and 2 bathrooms, complete with water heater, cause you know, it's like really cold in Cameron Highlands.
There's also a dining table and a kitchen but cooking is not encouraged although there's no stopping you from being creative and bringing your own electric stove or something similar.
The living room is quite spacious and there's basic Astro subscription on TV. Well, you can always bring your own Astro smartcard if you wish.
If you're wondering where the qiblat direction is, it's in the dressing table in the master bedroom. Minus 3 points for making our life difficult for a bit.
Unfortunately there's only 3 units available so there's no guarantee there'll be room available all the time. All the other units you see are for staff quarters.
Actually we wanted to stay at this beautiful English cottage but since there are only two units available and they are almost always fully booked, we had to settle with the apartment. The cottages comes in two types, 3 rooms and 2 rooms. The rates start from RM250 for normal rate up to RM400 during peak season for the 3 rooms type. One more thing, these cottages and apartments are also meant for MARDI staffs who not only get to stay there for a really low price, they also get priority booking over everybody else.

That said, I find my overnight stay at the MARDI apartment to be quite pleasant. The staffs there were very warm and welcoming and they were really helpful when my wife lost her wristwatch which they recovered while cleaning the room later on.

Before coming here, I've heard horror stories about certain other apartments in Cameron Highlands. I'm glad that MARDI's Cameron Highlands apartment is nothing like that.

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