Cameron Highlands Night Market

If you find yourself in Cameron Highlands sometimes, do make the time to visit one of their popular night market in Brinchang.
It is situated a little bit north from Brinchang town.
Here is where you can find everything Cameron Highlands, strawberries, tea, vegetables, honey and a plethora of strawberry related products.
Yup, you also can buy strawberry-patterned umbrellas. It rains quite a lot here so having one nearby is advisable.
The ever-so-elusive cream puffs. I love them to bits but I can't seem to find them anywhere back home. Even then I was so full after dinner I didn't have the appetite to buy cream puffs some more.
There's always two types of honey, the pure one and the mixed one. Most of them time, it's all down to luck really.
So do visit the night market, and bring your umbrella with you. It's open every day of the week. And if that's not enough, there's also a permanent day market right opposite of the night market, open during the day of course.