MARDI Agrotechnology Park Cameron Highlands

There are at least a dozen places to visit when you go to Cameron Highlands. One place people seems to miss is the MARDI Agrotechnology Park near Tanah Rata.
Situated right next to the town, it is easily accessible by car, taxi, bus or even by foot. Just turn right after Tanah Rata town. You shouldn't miss the huge signboard.
Among the major attractions are the English Garden, strawberry production, vegetable and cut flower production, green house research and the sales centre.
The park was first established by the British in 1925 who built a research station there. It was then known as the Federal Experimental Station.
Tea was first introduced in the country in 1925 and these early tea bushes are growing healthy at the station until today. The first tea factory built in 1935 is still capable of processing black tea.
The Agrotechnology Park MARDI Cameron Highlands is located within the station and was officiated by His Royal Highness DYMM The Sultan Of Pahang on 14th of June, 2003.
Since then, about 65,000 visitors, visit the park each year.
Okay enough on that copy and paste introduction, here's on my personal experience there.
I came upon this park while searching for a place to stay in Cameron Highlands. I found out from this blog that MARDI actually provides accommodation there at their English cottage. Unfortunately there's only 2 units of the cottage so the rest of use will have to stay at the newly finished apartments next door.

Entry to the park is 3 ringgit for adults and half price for students. There's also package entry for busload of visitors (see picture).
Wish we could visit this tea factory but unfortunately it's closed on Sundays.
The rather barren tea plantation.
The MARDI Agrotechnology Park would be like heaven to plants-lovers.
You can find many types of fruits and vegetables here, many of them grown only in temperate climate.

I forgot what's the name of this giant vegetable. Somehow, people just love to scribble stuff on these fruits despite the huge sign not to.
This is a what lavendar plant looks like.
Maybe it's the climate but even this little stream and grass looks real pretty in Cameron Highlands.

Although I'm not a big fan of fruits and vegetables, I would still recommend this place to anyone who visits Cameron Highlands. It would be quite an experience for all.