Pantai Hospital Cheras

Pantai Hospital Cheras is a private hospital located in Taman Cheras Makmur near Kuala Lumpur. This hospital was commissioned 17 years ago since 1994 and provides various in and outpatient services. With over 41 consultants and 4 full time medical officers, Pantai Hospital Cheras provides 139 beds for any customers who can afford to stay there.

For our 3rd child, we've decided to pick this hospital to deliver our baby. We've been coming here for 2 months now, starting from my wife's third trimester of pregnancy.

There's a couple of obstetrician you can choose from and we picked Dr Suriati as our OB. Her office is on the 4th floor at the Woman & Children Health Centre.

Our last visit to this hospital also happened to be the day my wife delivered the baby. Due to some complications, the doctor advised my wife to have an induced labour on the same day. We agreed and had our baby delivered by cesarean operation on the 28th of April 2011.

The operation went on smoothly and my wife stayed in one of the many rooms in the hospital. You can choose between one, two or four bed per room which comes at varying rates. The one-bedded air-conditioned room has one TV set with satellite TV subscription (with selected channels), a couple of chairs and a bathroom and costs about RM220 per night.

Like most hospitals I've been to, Pantai Hospital Cheras is also not very visitor friendly. If you'd like to accompany the patient for the night, you can choose to sleep either on the chair or on the floor. Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep the whole time I was at the hospital. I guess putting a little sofa beside the bed would be too much to ask. Apart from that temperature inside the room and around the hospital could dip tominus 15° at night so be sure to bring some very warm clothing throughtout your stay.

Food wise, the hospital served the usual bland and boring food most suited for nursing mothers. I'm sure they serve delicious and tasty food for other patients. I remember the food at Pantai Hospital Bangsar was simply marvelous.

Visitors can always eat at the hospital cafeteria on the ground floor. Be prepared to pay Pantai Hospital rate-prices though. A simple lunch for two would set you back around RM27.60. That said, finding halal food elsewhere near the hospital is quite difficult if not impossible. The only edible food in the vicinity comes from a stall near Public Bank which is closed on weekends. Bringing your own food would be advisable.

All in all we can say our 3 days stay at Pantai Hospital Cheras was quite enjoyable. The doctors were competent and professional and most of the staff and nurses there were really helpful. For 3 nights stay in a single bed room and one cesarean delivery, we were charged a cool 6K+ including service tax. Unless you are filthy rich or covered by insurance or your employer, don't even think of coming here. Fortunately for us my wife's employer paid for everything via PMCare. Would I recommend this hospital to everyone? Probably not. For one, traffic leading to the hospital especially near the Jalan Cheras roundabout is quite dreadful any time of the day. The 17 years old building also looked worn out including some of the facilities and furniture. Add that to expensive food and lazy-ish nurse, I'd rather go to any KPJ Heatlhcare hospitals next time.