Stream music & video from Amazon Cloud Drive

If you haven't already heard, beat Google and Apple to serve the first web-based cloud media storage of it's kind. Amazon Cloud Drive allows you to store music, videos, photos and documents online and access them from anywhere using a web browser.

Cloud storage is nothing new but what sets Amazon Cloud Drive apart is the ability to stream music and video from your smartphone, tablets or anything that has a browser. Now Dropbox has been able to do that for ages but this new service from Amazon offers 5GB of free space from the onset. Besides you can't really stream media from Dropbox unless you have the Dropbox app installed.

To begin just sign up at Amazon Cloud Drive and start uploading files to your account. Next, logon into Amazon Cloud Drive using your browser and click the media file to start playing. Android users are lucky because there's a dedicated Amazon Cloud Player app to stream and play music straight from your device although this service is only available in the U.S only for now. iOS users can only play each music or video file one by one by clicking the Download button in Amazon Cloud Drive page. Yeah it's a bit crude but at least it works. Anything that can be played on your iOS device (like mp3,aac and mp4) can be streamed from Amazon Cloud Drive. Sign up at Amazon Cloud Drive for your free 5GB cloud storage.