Share files from the menubar with CloudApp

CloudApp is a simple Mac OS app that lets you share images, links, music, videos and files from the menubar.

Once installed, just drag any file to the menubar and the app will automatically create a short link copied to your clipboard. You can then use this link to share your upload with your colleagues or friends.

Additionally you can view, track and delete the uploaded files right from your menubar.

The free CloudApp account has 25 MB file limit and limits you to 10 uploads per day. The Pro account offers 250 MB file size per upload and custom domain link. Why should you use CloudApp instead of say, Dropbox? Well this app lets you share files with just about anybody through the shared link while Dropbox requires both party to have the app installed. CloudApp is great if you would like to share small files quickly and easily with your buddies.

CloudApp is officially for Mac only but the Windows extension - FluppyApp lets you upload files to CloudApp just as easily. iPhone users can also upload files through Cloud2go app while Android users can use DroidCloud. Sign up for CloudApp here or get FluppyApp for Windows here.