Remove annoying WGA notifications on Windows XP

So you bought a new computer in Low Yat Plaza KL and you take it back for a 500 kilometers journey to let say your home town in Kota Bharu. After a month or so, you turned on your PC and there it is, the dreaded Windows Genuine Advantage notification icon on your taskbar. The PC seller swore that the PC that he sold was installed with genuine Windows XP but apparently it's not.
So what to do? Go all the way to KL, grab the towkey round his neck and demand that he install a new, genuine Windows? I don't think so. Here's a work around. Download this software here and run it on your PC. This should remove those annoying WGA notifications on most Windows XP systems.

Of course, Afif PLC doesn't condone piracy, just trying to help victims of counterfeit software here. Be cool, use Linux/Ubuntu :)

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