Yes We Can

I'm sure some of you has caught the bug of the just concluded U.S presidential election. 4 years ago who would have thought that an African American would ever become president. A year ago who would dreamed that BN would loose 2/3 majority. But the people wanted change, so change is what we get. Well, almost.

I dream that one day all Malaysians shall live together in peace and harmony without prejudice and ill-feelings towards others on this blessed land we call Malaysia.

I dream that our leaders would stop all the fighting and bickering and work together for the good of the people.

I dream that all the people will get equal opportunity to flourish and progress in the economy and education regardless of race, creed or political views.

I dream that someday the people will be guaranteed their freedom of speech and freedom of expression within the limits of law.

I dream that I can walk on the streets and let my children play in the playgrounds without worrying that a criminal might take away my peace and security.

Can we ever achieve this dream?

Only if we unite and work together to change it.

Yes We Can.

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