The one minute writer

Last year I wrote over 200 posts for this blog. This year, it's only 112 and it's November already. I'm ashamed to admit that I have somewhat neglected this blog. Never mind that I write almost every other day on my other blog. The thing is I can't think of anything good, frequent enough to write here. I've got Afif Chronicles to spill out my everyday rants. For Afif PLC though, I'm always hard pressed for ideas.

While I was browsing through Blogger's Blog Of Note today, I stumbled upon this cool little blog called The One Minute Writer. That's where I got this new brainwave. You have 1440 minutes a day, why not use just a minute from that to write? There on the blog, the author posts a new 'prompt' word every day and you spend 60 seconds or less writing a response to that daily prompt. Simple yet brilliant. Now why didn't I think of that before.

So now I'm going to be a one minute writer. I want to write at least a minute every day. Aside from saving this blog from neglect, I can also improve on my English proficiency. Get ready for posts, lots of them. Say hello to the new Afif PLC.

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