Adv: Affordable web hosting for beginners with Exabytes

Owning a blog at the usual Blogspot or Wordpress address is cool. You get to write stuff that you like, customize your blog to your liking and you don't have to worry about maintaining the web server, domain name or anything like that. But sometimes when you have blogged long enough, you will realize that it is time that you upgrade your blog to a proper .com domain with a dedicated web hosting where you have full control on how your blog feel and looks like.

To tell you the truth, there are countless web hosting services offered out there. Some hosted locally and many are hosted overseas. Some offers a domain registration service with minimum web space and bandwidth and others offer a huge web space/bandwidth but you'll have to pay extra for the domain registration. So how do you choose?

For beginners like me, I look for a local web hosting company with a proven track record, affordable fees and reliable customer support. And if you Google around for a local web hosting with all the criteria above you will likely to find Exabytes on top of the list. Exabytes is a local web hosting company and their servers is located here in Malaysia so you won't suffer any disturbance in service whenever the connection to overseas servers is disrupted (which usually happen half a dozen times a year) plus you can get quick customer support over the phone (with local rates) when you need help.
Their entry level Xstudent package offers a reasonable 1GB web space and 5GB of bandwidth a month which is more than enough for beginners like me. For just RM99.00 a year, you get free domain registration, with 5 sub domains, FTP account, POP3/SMTP/IMAP and web-based e-mail, live audio/video streaming, user friendly cPanel and a host of software and script supports such as PHP, Perl, Ruby, MySQL, Phyton, Wordpress, Joomla and many more. On top of that you get 99.9% network up time guarantee and a convincing 99.5% server up time. And should you need to upgrade to bigger web space, you only have to pay an extra RM5.00 per month for 50MB and another 5 ringgit for and additional 1GB bandwidth per month.

Exabytes web hosting is undoubtedly one of the top web hosting companies in Malaysia (they even say they're no 1!). They are currently serving 20,000+ clients from over 121 countries with over 30,000 domains hosted on their server with a long list of testimonials from satisfied customers.

Visit Exabytes to find out more about the Xstudent package or a host of other web-hosting packages to suit your needs.


  1. yeah.. i did some surveys on exabytes quite sometime ago. their tech support also cool with quick response & solutions. looking forward to grab the webhosting package with them ;)

  2. Are you sure you are a beginner? ::chuckles:: You know more about hardware, servers, antivirus, active directory, hard drive and all those IT mumbo jumbo more than I do.. :-D

    2 years back, I got a RM50 coupon from Exabytes but I gave it away since I'm not interested with their services. I would rather host using overseas since it's way cheaper and provides loads of features.

    Anyway, if you are targeting local traffic, I would say Exabytes is a decent choice unless if your website/blog attracts huge traffic, you'll definitely have to upgrade by then.

  3. Puan Nora,
    Remember to include me as a referrer when you sign up at Exabytes ok? :D

    Seriously, I am a beginner. Everybody knows you're the most powerful webmaster around!

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