New Perodua MPV model

I'm sure some of you may have received this e-mail about the upcoming new Perodua MPV. After Proton came out with Exora, Perodua surely doesn't want to miss the boat and come out with their own version which could give the Exora a run for their money.

First look, I quickly thought of the Toyota Estima. It does sounds like one, smells like one and even looks like one. Hey that's correct, correct, correct! This might be an Estima clone. Genius these guys at Perodua. Just bring in a Toyota car, change the badge to Perodua and *poof* it's a Perodua car! To think that those silly people at Proton took the trouble actually design and develop their own car and they don't even sell as much as Perodua's!

On the interior this MPV looks quite spacious. Is that leather or vinyl finishing I see? Cannot tell for sure from here. For you rinfo, this MPV will be named Hibiskus. No not hibiscus, that's a flower's name. You cannot name this car after some plants, sure disqualify one.

The dashboard looks extremely streamlined and classy. The knobs are simple yet very functional and you can control the radio from the steering wheel some more. I'm impressed!

To tell you the truth, I'm already hooked to this car right about now. Better call Jason to cancel my Exora booking quick.

With generous 7-seater seating, you can even squeeze 2 Kenny Sias here! I can't wait for this beauty to come out in November.

But wait, who are these? Is that Guru G and Rosie I see frolicking on the new MPV? Hello, Jason? About that Exora booking still can continue ar?