The Best Food in Tanah Merah

If you just arrived in Tanah Merah from Kuala Krai or from South, there's a little place called Selera Tepi Sungai just before the Tanah Merah's Public Work Department (JKR) Store and Workshop (Setor & Bengkel) on your left side.
I've eaten at quite a few places in Tanah Merah over the years and I can safely say for the best food in town, head on to the Selera Tepi Sungai restaurant. It got everything under the Malay sun - Kelantan, Malay, Thai cooking, everything, you just name it.
This restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner so you can practically eat there any time of the day. It has plenty of tables (about 30 on my last count), clean restrooms and even a little praying place (surau) for your convenience, plus the price is pretty reasonable too. So next town you're in town, you know where to go.

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