My Special Pasta with Meatball Recipe

Okay la, there's nothing 'special' about this menu, just want to share a simple, easy to cook menu for those who are trying the Afif Diet (no rice + exercise). Since I don't eat much rice, I had to find other alternatives to eat so as not to starve myself. Since I can't afford to dine at Secret Recipe everyday, I had to settle for noodles (instant or otherwise), bread, sandwich, macaroni and of course the good old Italian favourite, pasta/spaghetti.
You just need 3 main ingredient to make this special spaghetti meal. They are some pasta, a can of pasta sauce and the optional meatball/chicken ball/sausage cocktail/dim sum. If you're really hard core dieter you can always skip the 3rd item altogether. You can choose any type of pasta, the regular straight spaghetti type or my favourite, the fusilli type (there are more than 40 types of pastas out there). For the sauce I always choose a Prego pasta sauce which comes in 5 different flavours.
Cooking method. First heat a pot of water until they boil and put your pasta in it. They usually cook for 5-8 minutes and you'll know they are ready when they turn light yellow and the pasta becomes really soft. Fry or steam your meatballs/sausage/dim sum and heat ad stir the Prego pasta sauce slowly. You can add a little bit of water if the sauce is too thick. A can of the Prego sauce makes 2 servings so you can use half and store it for later use. When the sauce has boiled, pour it onto your pasta/spaghetti. Finally you may add some shredded cheese and some parsley leaves to add some extra kick to the pasta. And that's it, they're ready to it. Buon Appetito!