Adam's Sports Day - Season 2

It's that time of the year again for Adam's Kindergarten Sports Day.
The day that every 4,5 and 6 years old at his school look forward to, to compete in this really important event and bring pride and joy to their country.
This time we have a guest of honour that is none other than... my Mother! Although she is deputy principal or something at her school, she was modest enough not to hijack the prize-giving ceremony or speech programme (just kidding Mom!).
As always, the parents came in drove to witness and give support to their children.
Breakfast is also served but I advise you stay clear from any blue water in the future because they taste downright dreadful. I'd have plain water anytime. Gentleman in blue is our emcee for the day (as always) because they have a limited budget.
Unlike last year where they perform a really complicated synchronized march on the field, this year's performance is a little dance to the 'I got a feeling' from BEP. That song is like so in.. ten years ago! Might as well train them to dance to poco-poco.
And the Sports Day kicked off with the blowing the balloon until it pops contest. Adam didn't get to pop the balloon until the end.
Then there was the super-difficult obstacle course. Running with hoops is a lot tougher than it looks.
You think running with a straw hat is easy? Not if it swallows your head full.
Running with balls under your armpit takes a lot of concentration, muscle power and precision maneuvering around the cones, something not for the faint-hearted.
The Sports Day would not be complete without participation from everybody. Today the parent get to run a 3-legged race, carry a ball with a racket race and a new entry - musical chairs! I thought the guys were tough but wait till you see the mothers. They fought tooth and nail to win the chair. Man, they really took this musical chair game real serious.
For the prize-giving ceremony, they've decided to call some random people to hand out the prizes. Incidentally, that random person they've chose today is none other than Linda! We thought they were calling some other important Sharifah Haslinda so we just totally ignore it when they called her name. It was until the eleventh time that we realized, hey they were calling your name honey! You should see Linda's face. She was beaming with pride. If only she had put on more make up or something.
So that brings us to the end of this year's Sports Day. Next year you'll be slugging it out with the big boys kid. Adam's red team got 3rd place for pretty much everything and we took home a lot less plastic containers this year because I was too macho to join any games this time around. The important thing is, Adam and his friends/teachers had a really good time. Until next year, see ya.