McDonald's GCB is so meh

Initially I have some reservations about eating at McDonald's again. This is because most of their stores is owned by Vincent Tan and I don't want to indirectly finance him and UMNO in their quest to buy more ADUNs and MP like they did in Perak.
But since Vincent also owns every 7-Eleven, Starbucks, Kenny Rogers and a dozen others, I guess my boycott attempt is pretty much futile. So with great reluctance, I visited McDonald's today.
Did I tell you the new GCB burger costs RM11.00 per set and RM8.90 ala carte? If that isn't daylight robbery then I don't know what is.
But most importantly the taste is just meh. I had Burger King last week and they tasted just better. Save your 11 bucks and buy a chicken burger from that stall at the corner of your street instead .

I still regret throwing my 8.90 for this.