Firzana's Kitchen

Firzana's Kitchen is a little restaurant in Taman Puncak Jalil where I live. I once said in my other blog that it looked expensive so I didn't dare to go in there. Well, someone noted that if I never tried it how do I know?
So tonight I brought my family to try this restaurant for ourselves. Firzana's Kitchen is brought to you by the same people who provide Firzana EduCare, nurseries, kindergarten and transit services.
First impression: the place is quite clean and well kept. The ambiance and surrounding is quite pleasant although I find the dark pink colour to be too bold for my gentle eyes after some time.
As we wait for our orders, they served us free crackers (or is it already in the bill?). Maybe the owner read my blog and they're trying to impress me.
Price-wise, Firzana's Kitchen's range is similar to Makan-Makan which is slightly pricey according to my low-low standard. Everything starts from RM5.00 upwards.
We ordered the regular fried rice and they were generally okay. To be honest I've tasted better beef with that rice elsewhere but at least they're better than Makan-Makan or Malik Makmur.
Our final verdict? This place is quite alright. We had two plates of fried rice (really generous portion), some steamboat, two drinks, all for RM22.00. You can find this restaurant filled with patrons in the evening, every day of the week. Most of them Malays though because I noticed some of the non-Muslims customers are turned off by Astro Awani on TV which is too bad I think. They should look into this matter. Will I come again? Definitely maybe.