Picnic at Sungai Gabai waterfall

On Saturday I brought my family for a picnic at the Sungai Gabai waterfall in Hulu Langat, Selangor.

The Sungai Gabai waterfall, situated in the Sungai Gabai Recreational Forest has always been my favourite picnic spot in the waterfall category. My UPM friends first brought me there during my uni days and I've been there like half a dozen times already ever since.

The place is only about 45 minutes drive from Seri Kembangan and it is easily accessible from the Kajang Silk highway at the Pekan Batu 8 intersection. There's ample signboard to guide you there and if you're lost just stop and ask for directions from the friendly locals (duh!). It's been so long since I last go there and I even heard rumours that the place is strewed with rubbish and not worth visiting anymore.

Turn out they're all just rumours cause the Gabai watefall is quite clean when I went there on Saturday. You still have to pay a 2 ringgit parking fee but they've built a proper toilet and even a surau there now. Bad news is the toilet still stinks a little despite the fact that you have to pay for entry.
They also have this karaoke booth there where you pay RM1.50 so that everyone can hear how your singing sucks . I mean you don't have to worry about wild animals anymore cause I bet even the tigers and the bears stayed well away since they also can't stand those awful singers.

I recommend you come early in the morning during weekends cause they place may get rather crowded later in the day. For the best bathing spot you'll have to climb the steps all the way up. You'll probably be tired and sweaty when you get there but once you dip into the icy cold yet refreshing water from the hill, it's all worth it I tell you.

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