Time to change

Today we'll be leaving Adam at a new nursery. He's been staying with Linda's parent all last week and since they've left already last Sunday we'll have to find a new nursery. The new nursery will cost us a bit more but it's closer to our house and the woman in charge came highly recommended. Adam was asleep when we left him with Kak Azi this morning so all was quiet. Else I'm sure Adam will kick and scream while clinging to his mother refusing to let go. It breaks our heart to see him like that but we don't really have much choice really.

We've tolerated the previous nursery long enough and yesterday was the final straw. Many times we send Adam in the morning and she's always not there. It's either she's still sleeping upstairs or just too lazy to come down. Many times we have to leave Adam all by himself downstairs with the door unlocked and everything. Let's not go to the part where I found Adam running around bare-footed on the street in front of the nursery the other day. Does she even care about the kids anymore?

I'm pretty sure the nursery owner, Umie who runs another nursery at Vista Pinggiran have no inkling of what's happening in Taman Universiti. Well I'm not leaving my kid with that sorry excuse for a nanny anymore. I bet she took that job as a last resort and she's not really into kids.

I wish I'm lucky enough to leave my kid with someone we trust, a relative or with my mother maybe, but unfortunately my mother is still working plus she's getting married soon and I doubt she'll have the time to take care of Adam. So until we can afford to make mama a stay-at-home mom, you just hang on there Adam okay? I'm sure you'll quickly make many new friends there.

I maybe the man of the house but when she goes shopping I'm relegated to the official bag-keeper and kid minder, sigh...

In other news I've reverted to my old bald hairstyle (tada!). I've been having nightmares since that barber screwed up my hair a few weeks ago and I'd rather not have hair than look so ugly.

Anyway my wife commented that I looked much better without hair but of course you'd expect your wife to say nice things like that so her opinion doesn't really count. But hey, since when do I care what other people think of me? If they don't like how my hair or how I look then that's too bad. I'm not changing myself for anyone. They'll have to take me as I am.

Oh and I donated blood for my 10th times last Sunday at Jusco. It was there that I found out that I'm now 97 fricking kilos heavy! Okay, top signs thay you're fat:

* Your friends start saying "Dude, you look bigger nowadays.."
* Your regular clothes started to shrink
* Your sport shoes felt one size smaller
* Your weigh 97 kilos on the scale

So the signs are there and it's high time I really start exercising.

Actually I'm tired of all this exercise and diet talk. I bet you probably are too. So, screw the exercises and the diets. I'll loose weight if I feel like it and know I feel like eating. Hmm that new KFC chicken chop looks oh so yummy! :P


  1. don't worry, things will turn out fine ok..

  2. Yea you're right. The new nursery is so much better!