HP Premier Business Partner

The company I work for offers IT professional services and consultancy for businesses and organizations. We offer services that includes Project Management, Facilities Management Services (FMS) and application systems development, apart from providing IT infrastructure for networks (such as WAN, Internet/Intranet and data center facilities).

On top of that we also supply pcs and peripherals (printers/scanners/whatever) for business and even individuals and our preferred vendor is of course HP, hence the title of this post. We do purchase other brand of pcs like Dell or Acer but we mainly deal with HP for a number of reasons which I shall explain shortly.

First they provide like the best customer support ever. Their call center staff is polite and helpful and their support engineers will come to your place the next day to attend to your problem with little question asked. Unlike Dell who insists you troubleshoot the problem yourself by phone and only send their support staff as a last resort. That's fine with pc-savvy people like me but imagine the trouble you'll have to go through if you're only say a housewife or non pc-savvy folks? They'll have a torrid time trying to do that. That's why we always recommend HP to our customers.

I really love their Service Center located in Damansara too. Now I've been to many Service Centers and HP's is simply the best. The friendly staffs there are well-trained and very professional and their service is fast and prompt. I just love to hang out there, watch their huge
plasma TV while helping myself some free refreshment (my favourite is Choc-o-cino). I mean Canon don't have stuff like that and Acer's Service Center is like crap compared to them.

Plus every year HP likes to spoil their Premier Business Partners by sponsoring several all-expenses paid trips around the world. Last year for example, several executives from my company went to Beijing and Gold Coast while The Boss went for a trip to the U.S. After all we
did contribute hundred and thousands of ringgit every year for purchases of pcs, printers and servers so it's understandable that they pay back their customer's confidence with such trips.
Who knows maybe next time I get to go overseas oso?? He he. And that's only from HP. Their main distributors also give us McDonald's and petrol vouchers from time to time.

So guys when you're thinking of buying a pc, you which one to choose now rightttt? :) I'd love to promote my company here also but for everybody's sake I better not just in case. You know la I'm not exactly and angel or something, I do bitch about work at sometimes.

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  2. Oh Salina is just shy that I take pictures of her, usually she's real friendly with me :)