Sending off

Last week my in laws were here for a visit. They’re here to send off my brother in law Pak Tam and his sister Kak Cik. Pak Tam was offered a place in Universiti Tun Hussein Onn (UTHM) in Batu Pahat while Kak Cik is returning back for her second year in UMS Sabah.

First thing first, his grandpa gave Adam a new haircut. How he made Adam stood still during the entire haircut is nothing short of a miracle. I barely recognize Adam when I got back from work that day. Not that I don’t like the new hairstyle or something it’s just he looked so normal now, bleh.

Give me back my son!

New students from around the country registered at their respective universities on July 1st including Pak Tam. I drove all the way to and back from UTHM, all 500 km (oh my back!!).

Sending off Pak Tam sure bring back fond memories of my first day at university. I remember taking the train with mother to KL and how some creep stole my backpack at the train station while I was praying. Thank God I didn’t loose anything important then except my dear diary. After that I never left my stuff lying around unguarded ever again (this is KL dude, what do you expect?).

By the way Pak Tam was offered a diploma course in IT management there. Overall UTHM is allright la, not as beatiful or as huge as UPM but just nice.

Those kids are damn lucky to live in a nice and proper homes like these. On my first year I had to share a room with 3 other students at a flat-like college called K-10.

On the way back we stopped by Ayer Hitam for a little bit of shopping. There's this row of shops selling all kind of stuff like pots and pillows near the Ayer Hitam main intersection. Note to self: when she said half an hour, she actually meant an hour and a half (especially when she went shopping with somebody else).

I don't know how many cars are there in Malaysia but I think most of them congregated along the Senawang-Nilai route of the PLUS highway that evening. I heard traffic congestions is quite a norm for that strecth of the highway during weekends. I'll make another note on that.

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