Weekly update

Okay I'm starting to hate those fake mermaid pictures. Time for new entry.

My dad dropped by a few days ago bearing chocolates and Pringles for Adam. Of course he didn't come here just for that, he has to come down to the KL HQ at least once a month now so we'll probably meet more often from now on. FYI my dad lives with his other family in Kota Bharu.

He wanted to have dinner with my family and sister Lina. So right after maghrib prayers we went to Shah Alam. Linda had to work overtime (again) so she won't be joining us. Lina's husband was not feeling very well so in the end it was only me, dad and Adam for dinner. We ate somewhere in section 17. I had a horrid time trying to make Adam sit still or behave.The food was not so good and dad ordered too much in the end there was so much food left unfinished.

On the way back I told him about mother's impending marriage. He was quiet and didn't say much but I can sense a tinge of sadness from his face. I guess first love die hard eh?

He left me with some slimming products from Herbalife. Actually I prefer to loose weight the natural way (ye ke?) but I didn't have the heart to refuse my dad. Those products don't come cheap you know.

Today I went to KL with The Boss. Yup, I sat next to him all the way to KL and back. I was just about to leave the office when The Boss asks me to accompany him to KL since he's going there as well.

It's not that I'm scared of him or anything, it's just I'm a terrible company. Especially with people that I don't know well. I'll be awfully quiet and only talk when the other party asks. That's how it was this afternoon. I just kept to myself and The Boss looked equally bored with me. Only on the way back we chatted a bit where he asks stuff about me.

Anyway we stopped by Sri Petaling just now for lunch and Friday prayers. One of the perks of going out with The Boss is you get to eat for free and you can order just about anything he he!

Tomorrow's another session of motivation seminar at Uniten. I hope they read and take my feedback comments seriously or else it'll be another 4000 ringgit down the drain.


  1. So have you tried the slimming product yet?

    Good luck yea! Hehe

  2. Not really I got the wrong flavour, my sister accidentally took the chocolate one, so it has to wait a while longer :P

    Honestly, I don't believe in those products. It's all in your head.