Weekend at Mutiara Damansara (Season 2)

It’s SALE time at IKEA again so we went there last Saturday.

By the way the wife has to do some grocery shopping at Tesco. That’s what I like about Mutiara Damansara – they’ve got everything in one place. First thing first we must have FOOD!

We had lunch at Pizza Hut inside Tesco Mutiara Damansara. If you think this Pizza Hut’s Dip’ Licious Royal Masala Cheese® pizza looks good there in this picture, trust me they taste even better in real life! They’re so yummy I felt like I’m in cheese heaven! This regular set for two costs RM28.90++.

Family portrait.

I call that the Afif-David Beckham look-alike dashing and beardy look™. It’s copy written so don’t copy me ok.

If that black polo t-shirt looks kinda familiar it’s because I love them so much I bought like 5 of them (yeah right). Actually I like the black t-shirt cause it hid my bulging stomach and nipples well he he!

Since it’s weekend and it’s SALE time there were quite some crowd at IKEA.

Normally only children aged between 3 to 10 years old are allowed to play in Smaland but today I managed to sneak in Adam (who’s only 2 years 8 months old) in there! I guess Adam looked big enough for the lady in charge she didn’t even bother to check. I’m so gonna report this to The Management ha ha!

But Adam played in there for like 20 minutes before he started crying for his papa.

Being a self-proclaimed IKEA junkie like myself, I made sure we visit every showroom and see everything there in the store.

This is the living room of my other house in Sweden. We go to live there like every winter. Yup we chopped that beech wood from the Lapland forest ourselves. Its hard work but we got help from Santa from time to time. Nice fellow he is.

Zis iz the living room of our southern France summer retreat. Our French neighbourz zey don’t approve of our Italian sofa but we don’t care really. Screw ze French, they’re only good at complaining and losing at the World Cup final.

Now we’re looking at the dining room of my other apartment in Seattle. I love the simple and modern design and the white theme. We often get visits from our intern friends at Seattle Grace Hospital next door. I like that McDreamy dude but I’m not too sure about that Meredith girl. She looked err sort of slutty.

You don’t believe I got house in Sweden eh? Look there’s Adam posing with our pet reindeer and our pet Santa*. I don’t know what’s all the fuss about those Mat Rempits parachuting in the North Pole really. It’s not like they’re the first to do it. I bet a GAZILLION people already did that before them, BIG DEAL!

*Oops sorry, that’s actually my pet tooth fairy in the background, my bad.

After seeing all 14 showrooms in the store, we got hungry again so we stopped by the restaurant for an early dinner.

A visit to IKEA is not complete until you try their world-renown meatballs. This 8 piece meatball set with fries is only RM8.90. I had the Chef Recommended™ delicious 3 piece spicy boneless chicken thigh with mashed potatoes and special sauce for only RM10.90. I only got 3 words for them: YUMMMMMY!

I love to come to IKEA because… My dad could sneak me into Smaland unnoticed, I can eat those yummy-yummy cinnamon roll and play hide and seek amid the furniture and drive my parent crazy…

Adam taking his regular spot in front of the TV.

And that concludes our visit to IKEA’s sale. We didn’t buy anything much except a picture frame, a laundry bag, a pillow and I got myself a plant and a pot (yay!). The price of certain items were indeed slashed but I noticed the price of some other items also gone up you know to keep balance of things. I don’t why I love going there so much. Maybe it’s the distinctive sweet-smelling Scandinavian wood smell or maybe those showrooms are just so nice to look at.


p/s: We went to Kajang the next day for some Satay Emas Kajang (it’s my mother’s treat).

Adam attempting to display the peace sign.

No I’m NOT TOO BIG to sit on this swing, the freaking thing shrank! Last time my butt could easily fit in there with room to spare.

Aaahh, the ever so yummy Satay Emas Kajang. I only ate like eleven sticks only maa, still wonder why I got so big.

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