How to get a GDL license

My company bought a Renault Kangoo last month and The Boss decided to make it an official company vehicle with logos, labels and all. Meaning: we have to get a Goods Delivery License (GDL) license in order to lawfully drive that thing. So some 20 of us were handpicked to sit for this test at a driving school in Bangi.

The company decided to pay for the 200 ringgit course and license fee up front and they’ll deduct it from our salary later. I have no problem with that of course. Who knows it might come really useful to me in the future. The one day course was held at a driving school in Bangi from 9 to 3 in 2 sessions. The first session was held by somebody from the driving school. He gave us a remarkably boring lecture about GDL basics and stuff. He talked kind of funny too because his cheeks was broken from an accident during his time in the army. Our jolly dispatch Acha (in white) got us in stitches every time he mocks the way the lecturer talks (and he’s really good at it too!).

The classroom in Institut Latihan Memandu Cemerlang was so tiny and they cramp in about 50 people in there per class, how do you spell stingy? Anyway the second session was held by a JPJ officer himself. Naturally many of us were super-sleepy after lunch and although the JPJ dude tried to crack some jokes in class, it was dry and not funny at all and nobody laughed but himself. I don’t suggest you quit your day job for stand up comedian anytime soon dude! Either that or people were afraid he might slap them with a summon or something had they laughed.

After the boring lecture we had to sit for the real test about a week later. It was supposed to start at 9:00 a.m but the JPJ dude didn’t show up until long after 10:00, caught in a traffic jam he said, yeah right. I never know there’s so much traffic in DENGKIL! Which is lucky for me because I totally forgot to study for the test the day before. So I spent the whole one hour before the test studying like mad. The first lecturer from the driving school sold us an exercise book containing frequently asked questions in the test. Some of my friend bought it but not me. I thought the questions are going to be all common sense and really easy, it’s a waste to buy something like that even if it’s only 5 bucks.

Thank God I read that silly exercise book, turned out 80% of the questions in the book came out in the test! Remember, if you need to take a GDL license in the future, get the exercise book, it’s truly worth it. So I answered all the questions in the test with a breeze and I’m even the first one to finish and leave the room. The next day we were told all 10 of us passed the test and we got this license a few days letter. Don’t prey-prey arr I can drive vans, lorries and submarines now! Yeah-yeah my driving license looke rather dirty there but bear in mind it’s 10 years old already maaa..

Here’s a summary on how to get a GDL license:

1. Book for class and test at driving school
2. Pay the course and test fees
3. Listen to boring lecture and crappy jokes for whole day long
4. Buy exercise book and read it!
5. Take test
6. Pass the test and brag to your friends/blog it
7. Don’t drink and drive
8. Stay clear of suspicious looking drug addicts on the road :P


  1. wah..i'm so impressed..what more can i say..u rock man!!

  2. Yeah, do you smell what the rock is cookin' ??

  3. Hi, may I know the theory test is in English or Malay language. Tks.

  4. Half English, half Japanese haw haw!

    Just kidding, it's all in Malay. Just read the book, use your common sense and it's gonna be alright.

  5. Oh, that's a problem for me because I'm from Singapore and my Malay literacy is only half-past 6. Looks like it'll be a big hassle for me to pass then..... Sigh. Tks.

  6. I think you forget you put need to fill up the form and medical checking right?

  7. can you sell me the excercise book to me??i need revision before go take license GDL TQ