The perequel to Sepet

Before there was Sepet...

Look dear I bought a Proton Savvy!! Now do I rock or do I rawk?

But I don’t want a Proton Savvy! See Danny there, he’s got a Vios and Jasmine even got herself a Mazda 5, I want big cars too…

Haiya, this Proton Savvy is okay what? They zip nicely around corners and got AMT some more. By the way who do you think I am? Donald Trump?

Huh so cheap. Next thing you know you’ll be sending our kids to a nursery. That’s it we’re so through. GOOD BYE!!

Eh, gone already! Who's gonna pay for this kiddie ride?


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  1. eh kesiannye ditinggalkan kekasih..

    sob sob..