My 10 most prized possessions

I’m a simple man. I don’t have fancy cars or the latest gadgets in the market. In fact I don’t own anything much to shout about really. If I really wanted something so much like a new phone or camera I had to work my ass down and save up for a few months. Here is some of my most prized possession that I’ve acquired through the years.

In no particular order:

1. My desktop pc

My desktop pc was assembled from scratch about 9 months ago. I bought the parts one at a time to create this baby of mine. Here are the specs:

- Asustek pc4800 motherboard with IDE, AGP and SATA slots
- Intel Pentium 4 processor 3.0Ghz
- NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 graphic card
- 120GB hard drive
- DVD and DVD writer drive

Overall I spend about RM575 for this machine... Get out of here! That’s like so freaking cheap!! Well my friends, that’s one of the perks of being an International Super Spy, you get to confiscate the enemies’ highly advanced technologies he he!

Price: RM575

2. My mobile phone

I bought this (AP) Motorola SLVR L7 phone for RM600 last year. Sturdy and reliable this phone had passed the test of Adam Farihin (my kid) with flying colours. It has been bitten, dropped and thrown across the living room with hardly a scratch. One thing I loved most about this phone is the mp3 player where I can play my favourite songs anytime, anywhere whenever I’m bored. Today you can buy this (AP) phone for just RM350 at Low Yat Plaza in KL.

Price: RM600

3. My digital camera

My second digicam ever, this Nikon CoolPix L10 was bought last month at (where else) Low Yat Plaza. 5 Megapixels, 3x optical zoom and video recording are some of its features. Small enough to slip into my pocket unlike my previous camera which made me look like I have an erection sideways har har! After using it for a month I found that there’s something slightly wrong with the video recording. Some of them are jerky or completely messed up. Is it the software or something wrong with my pc? Yet to figure out what's wrong.

Price: RM510 (plus free 1GB SD card)

4. My wristwatch

This Casio watch is one of my longest lasting possessions. I bought this watch for 98 bucks at Mid Valley Megamall 6 years ago. Although some people say only kids wear watches like that today, this watch means so much to me because I bought this watch with my very own money, not my dad’s or my loan’s money but from my meager McJob salary which is just RM4 per hour. It got basic features like stopwatch, timer, 5 alarms, dual time and can store 30 phone numbers in there. The battery is supposed to last 10 years too so now it’s already 6 so I’ll get a new watch in another 4 years maybe? Or perhaps someone is kind enough to buy me a new one for my birthday ke? (hint-hint!).

Price: RM98

5. My shoes

I wear this Black Hammer shoe everyday to work, play and practically everywhere and it also doubles as a safety shoe where I can wear it at construction sites. It got metal plate between the soles so I can’t walk on nails and sharp things wan, don’t prey-prey arr! I’ve owned 2 Black Hammers shows before and I also bought this pair at their main shop in Seri Kembangan just next to Pasar Malam Serdang.

Price: RM127

6. My sweater

I’ve always loved those black Adidas track top you know the one with 3 stripes at the side but the original ones are so hard to find it took me years to find them. I found this one only last year at Al-Ikhsan at The Curve and although it’s quite expensive I bought them anyway cause God knows when will I find them again.

Price: RM79

7. My subwoofer

I got this Altec Lansing S45 subwoofer during my university heydays. You see my housemate bought this really loud speaker for his pc and I got jealous and bought one myself too (with my loan money). This speaker proved to be one of my best investments so far cause it’s still in good shape even after 7 years of wear and tear. Oh yeah I also incurred the wrath of my neighbour in Serdang a few years ago when I played my music a bit loud in the middle of the night keeping his mother awake. I’m not an unreasonable person really but sometimes I have play them out loud at times you know just to let it out, release tension kata orang.

Price: RM260

8. My ride

What more can I say? This baby is my freedom and my livelihood. I’ve driven nearly 31000 kilometers already in like 10 months. Other than the faulty gear and knob, I’ve no problem with this car so far.


9 and 10. My wife and kid


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