One year on

The month of August marks my first anniversary of working here.

I’ve been a through a lot this past 365 days, the ups, the downs, the good and the bad times. That’s The Boss car by the way. Anyone see a Kia Sorento on the road with a Kedah registration running around Seri Kembangan, that’ll be him. Next to it is our Renault Kangoo, the latest addition to the company’s vehicle.

A lot has changed since I first started here. For example the parking lot in front of our office is filled to the brim now. Once there’s only a handful of car parked there, no more than 10. We’ve definitely grown over the year, hired more staff, and acquired new projects and stuff.

When I started, there’s only 30+ staff here. Now we’ve almost double that (including practical students). Our little meeting room can no more accommodate all of us in there unless we take out all the tables and chairs. Oh yeah, we’ve bought the vacant building next to us too.

This is my department, the super-secret Covert Operations department. Okay-okay just the Operation department. It’s on the ground floor right behind the reception. That’s my flag hanging there right over my desk by the way. That’s Kak Lily on the floor arranging some blueprints for our mega project, the UiTM 2 Puncak Alam project.

Over a dozen of our staff commutes to Puncak Alam daily since they were involved with the project’s Computerized Facility Management System. From left, some dude from Hong Kong whose been teaching us Archibus FM, Hanum and Hany.

Overall, I still like working here. I’ve learned loads of stuff, meet new challenges, go to places (not stuck in the office all day) and I can safely say my job is not too stressful compared to others. I still get to hang out and relax sometimes too when there’s not much work to do. (Huh? ß what’s that suppose to mean?)

And there are good and bad times of course. One of the highlights of my job here is the IT equipment relocation exercise involving our parent company. It was done in 3 phases and we did the first 2 phases all right, it’s the last phase that we screwed up big time. Somehow we lost 2 units of pcs along the way. That’s when we felt the full wrath of The Management. Those were the hard times. If it weren’t for my family’s well-being, I’d quit this company right there and then. You can read more about it here.

Nevertheless I’m still very grateful for every other thing The Management did for me and my colleagues. For example they treated us for a grand Buka Puasa dinner last year and they held this motivational courses for a couple of months (where we get to eat at the hotel for free!). I also remember the time they gave us duit raya and bonus at the start of the year. Not to mention the panel clinics and the free MAA insurance coverage which includes our spouse and kids.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my friends and colleagues who’d been really nice and helpful to me. Special thanks to Bujal and Sapuan for teaching me loads of stuff all this while. I thought I already know a lot, apparently not. Also to my department head for the co-operation and lessons (and the snide remarks) although you’ve blocked, it’s okay I’m not mad at you (much).

I hope to work here for many years to come (God-willing) really, I don’t go to SPA or any other interviews anymore cause it’s not like they’re gonna hire me or anything. So boss, I don't want to sound too demanding but how about a raise? Like, right now? No? It's okay, take your time, I know you're a busy man.

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