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Today we are giving our 2.8 years old some serious potty training. Once he learnt how to use the toilet, my duty as a father is complete. Seriously, I think that’s the hardest part of being a parent, teaching your kid how to do their business properly.

Talking about kids, we are delighted to announce that we’re expecting a new member to our family soon! Isn’t that great??

Okay I’m just kidding with that. As much as we’d like to give Adam a brother or a sister, the thing is we don’t think we’re ready for that yet, financially and mentally. I mean making babies is easy, it’s the raising up that’s a real challenge.

That’s why after Adam, Linda has been taking the pill every month for obvious reasons. They’re easy to take, affordable and very reliable. But lately, these past 2 months to be exact, she said she’s tired of taking the pill already. So for the past 2 months we’ve been having unprotected sex she’s been deliberately neglecting her pills intake. I felt rather sorry and guilty for her you know and this put me in one big dilemma. To have or not to have another kid?

The doctor said it’s gonna take more than 2 months for the pills effect to wear off so we’ve got not much time left to decide. So I’ve decided that if Linda did get pregnant this month, we’re gonna have that baby. If not, I guess we’ll have to try a different family planning method. Any suggestions?

And oh yeah, Linda’s sister is in town at the moment and they dropped by our place yesterday. Adam was really excited to have baby Hany around and he’s acting just like her big brother already you know, sharing his toys with her, trying to hold her, putting her to sleep and stuff. I think he’s gonna make one great brother.

That’s all for today folks, I sign off with this special message: Let’s make love not war! ;)

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