Big boys don't whine

Today I went to Puncak Alam as usual doing technical support for the UiTM 2 university project. Today Irwan and I went to Satellite A, a site far away on top of the hill. It rained this morning so the road around the construction site was very muddy and slippery. I had to maneuver the 4WD very slowly as to avoid losing control of the vehicle. Usually I would avoid going into the construction site on rainy days but today I have no choice but to got there and do what I'm paid to do.

So we went in, finish our job and go to have our lunch around 2 o' clock. Back from lunch, our client - the HR/Admin guy in charge there told us to go to Satellite B next to fix up something there. Satellite B is nearer than Satellite A but the road leading there is still just as treacherous during rainy days. Usually I won't have any qualms about driving into the construction site two times in a row on the same day. I would just take the key to a 4WD and drive my ass in there. Maybe it's not my day today cause all the 4WDs available at the site office was used at that very moment. So the HR guy casually asks me to ride a motorcycle to get to Satellite B.

Now it is not uncommon for people to ride on motorcycles into a construction site in this country. The Indonesians do it all the time and some of the Bangladeshi workers even walk on foot in there when they miss their bus (lorry). Plus some of my colleague does ride them bikes occasionally into the site when they ran out of 4WDs to borrow. It's quite normal really. Me, I was very hesitant at first. But I did it anyway cause Mr. HR guy was rather persistent with the request. What do you expect me to do? Say no and look like some spoilt IT guy? Too good to ride a bike in there? Scared of the huge heavy trucks?

The ride to Satellite B was okay at first before I get to the muddy put. A few times I had to stop midway to maintain my balance and step on the muddy soil. And did I mention that I had to share the rugged road with huge lorries and trucks that could squash me like a bug with one wrong turn. That was some scary sheet. Thank God I survived the return journey in one piece.

Later Bujal told me I'm not even supposed to be inside the construction site since I didn't have the green safety card issued by the main con. Plus if they'd like me to do anything, they'd to drive me there themselves. Well, big boys don't whine. Next time they ask me to do that again I think I'll pass.

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