Girl, Interrupted

My job today requires me to travel to the UiTM 2 Puncak Alam site office regularly. In fact I go there at least once a week. The site office houses a few dozen people, engineers, architects, technician, clerks you know, the usual lot you find at every construction site.

Something funny happened to me yesterday.

I was at Puncak Alam yesterday doing my thing you know fixing stuff, generally minding my own business. Just when I was about to make my way back, this girl Ziela, a clerk there casually asked to see my Friendster's page. So I gave her the address, thinking what's the harm of adding one more friend right? Turn out she was rather surprised to learn that I'm already married with kids some more (I get that a few times). What's more, she even said it out loud so that everyone could hear. In no time at all the whole office is abuzz with news that I'm already married!

Everywhere I go I don't normally brag to everyone about my marital status. I mean whoever does that? "Hi, how may I help you? Oh I'm married by the way..". Usually only when people ask then I'll tell them stuff like that. Anyway the next day, Ziela is still not finished making a fuss about my marital status. She would like "Ehh tak sangka la abang Afif dah kawin rupanya..". Not only that, she literally informed everyone about me. By the end of the day I think the entire UiTM Puncak Alam site knows about me.

Not that I cared that people knows I'm married or anything. Even if I didn't tell, people are gonna found out sooner or later. It's not like I go around flirting and hitting out at girls anymore. I'm married and I know where to draw the line between friends and well, you know what. Why she had to make such a big deal about it, making an announcement to the entire office is still a mystery to me. Hmm, this is one really interrupted girl.


  1. I think she likes you and she can't accept the fact that ur married with a kid!!


  2. Yeah I know, girls do that to me all the time. Mwhahahaha!

  3. afif... sooo perasan yer :p
    hmm... i heard somethin like tat from my hubby's stories too.. a girl there (site) saying those kinda word... think d same person? huh.. wht a keypoh gurl ~sigh