2007 in memory

2007 will be remembered as the year I started a blog called Afif PLC. A lot of things happened in 2007. Some of them I'd like to cherish forever in my memory, others I'd rather forget. Lets take a look at what I've been through all this year.

January was my most prolific blogging period ever this year. I posted about 40 posts that month alone. Yeah I guess I was pretty excited with my brand new blog then and got so much to say. We moved from Sri Serdang to our current rented house in Taman Universiti also in January.

In February we welcomed Adam's cousin, Nur Shafy Hani into the world. Linda's sister went through a c-section for her delivery. I also had my first ever car accident in February when some dude accidentally reversed into my rear door. Fortunately we resolved that incident amicably and in a very civilized manner.

March 2007 was the month I'd rather forget. 2 computers went missing in our watch and we felt the full wrath of our boss. March was also Grease fever month and when I changed my blog template to plain white after much inspiration from Karen Cheng.

April went by without any incident while in May, Liverpool made it to their 2nd Champions League final in 3 years only to loose to Milan. We were devastated by the defeat. Later that month I caused a little stir in the local blogging scene for my comment on Lina Joy's court verdict.

In June Linda celebrated her 26th birthday and the boss decided that we (the Famous Five) suffered enough for our alleged wrongdoing. Bujal is really my friend indeed.

July, my brother in law Pak Tam continued his studies at KUITTHO in Johore. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows was released and I bought a Nikon L10 digital camera.

In August I passed the one year mark at my workplace. Still a long way to go and so much to learn. August also came bearing news of our second baby when Linda was confirmed 7 weeks pregnant. I took my GDL license test that month and passed. My mother performed her umrah and there was a little glint of hope for Malaysian football as we won the Merdeka Cup final against Myanmar.

My new sidekick Irwan came into the fray in September and I also got my first ever credit card this month. September also marked the beginning of the fasting month and does anybody remember the idiot who got cheated into buying a broken PDA? Hmm I don't know, beats me.

I had a jolly good time for Hari Raya this year because I get to celebrate the 1st of Syawal at my hometown in Pasir Mas. October was also the month Dr. S.M.S blasted into space.

In November we went for a weekend getaway at A Famosa Resort followed by a visit to historic Mallaca. My wife gave me the best present ever on my birthday this month.

December marks my first foray into the fun and exciting Linux world. Internet made the world so much smaller cause my little piece on Linux made a few people notice my humble blog. And oh yeah we bought a new washing machine this month (big deal!).

So long 2007 and say hola to 2008. I got a feeling that 2008 is gonna be a pretty exciting year for us. Happy New Year to everyone and thanks for visiting!

You'll never walk alone, cheers!

p.s: My new year resolution is 1280 x 1024 ha ha!


  1. Happy New Year!
    2 more years to being 30!
    Have a prosperous year ahead..

    My first New Year food was the Prosperity Burger, yums!

  2. Happy New Year to you too! Have a prosperous tummy err I mean year ahead ;)