Afif PLC turns one

Today Afif PLC turns one year old. Time for reflection and self-examination (yeah right). I started this blog as a platform to channel my thoughts and views on anything that been going through this head of mine and to chronicle important events that happened to me throughout the year

Apart from that you can also catch a glimpse of my current favourite music or movies and learn about the latest fad that got onto me (like Linux or Grease) from my posts.

This year I received around 9700 hits from 71 countries. Not that I'm too concerned about my traffic to my blog, it's just I get some satisfaction knowing that people actually read my blog. I don't think my life is interesting or happening or anything. I'm just an average guy doing normal everyday things. The difference is, I put them here on this blog for all the world to see.

My favourite post is probably the ones labeled Fun especially the photo captions. I simply love those funny captions and I get enormous satisfaction whenever I get people smiling after reading them. Honestly I think we could do with much more laughter in the world today.

Some of my more popular posts are the Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallow pdf page (sorry no more free download), me making fun at Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar, (fake) mermaid found at Teluk Bahang, the Nuri crash and send free sms with Mobik. Many of which come up first page on Google search.

Gambar Ella? What the heck? Yeah I've seen them but I don't remember putting any naked pictures/videos of Ella on my blog! Guys, you should go to My Kakis Forum for that.


By the way, don't change change camels in the middle of the desert is probably a variation of an old English proverb don't change horses in the middle of the stream. The former is possibly more popular in Arab states or the Sahara desert he he. Anyway it means once you begin something, you should stay with it until it's completed. It could also mean you shouldn't change leaders in the middle of a war or project or whatever. Why someone want to send this as a new year's wish is still a mystery. Maybe he's a Arab Bedouin ??


  1. happy new year & congrats on turning one.

    You are kindly invited to come over me blog fer a discussion on our beloved Reds. Look forward to yer comments.

  2. hepi new year 2008 & hepi bday AFIF PLC!!!